Orange Balloon

Soaring approximately 400 feet above the surrounding landscape, the Orange Balloon is the Orange County Great Park’s iconic attraction and one of the largest tethered helium balloons in the United States. With a 360-degree view that spans some 40 miles on a clear day, the Orange Balloon offers a bird’s eye view of the Orange County Great Park, including the Sports Park and the surrounding development. FivePoint gave the approximately 118-foot tall Orange Balloon to the city of Irvine as a gift so that residents would have a way to view the vastness of the Orange County Great Park and surrounding neighborhoods and be able to make important visual connections among the area’s many features.

The Orange Balloon holds up to 30 passengers in an approximately

1,800-pound gondola.

The balloon is tethered to the ground by a steel cable

that has the strength of 99,000 pounds.

The Orange Balloon’s gondola is
wheelchair-accessible, enabling guests of all ages and abilities to enjoy the adventure with their families.