FivePoint employs leading-edge technology across its properties to educate, connect, and enhance the experience for visitors and residents alike. We recognize that technology is always changing. We work to stay on the front end of technological advances, integrating these developments throughout virtually every aspect of our communities.

A prime example of this high-tech approach is the incorporation of RFID technology in Great Park Neighborhoods®. Visitors to Beacon Park receive key fobs with RFID technology that interacts with readers in the model homes, replacing the traditional brochures and providing visitors a hands-free experience while they tour.

The technology helps potential
homebuyers recall the details of each model home they visit and enables them to download a personalized brochure with one click at the end of their tour.

Most important, the RFID technology creates an immediate connection between FivePoint and potential buyers, paving the way for future follow-up.

The RFID technology in Great Park
Neighborhoods’ Beacon Park resulted in

approximately 1,734 total in-person

registrations and approximately 19,049 total beacon taps in between Aug. 15 and Oct. 31, 2015.

At The San Francisco Shipyard, visitors don virtual reality goggles to view the land as it once was, providing historical context and increased appreciation for the community. The Oculus technology also enables visitors to take virtual tours of the inside of the homes.